Monday, August 15, 2016

151 - String of Attachment

By J. V. Constas

Attachment, even if it is to a “good” idea, can be destructive to our personal relationships and society as a whole.

Many thoughtful and principled people often imagine better worlds and societies, usually free of struggle, conflict and competition. These well-intentioned men and women look at their failings, disappointments and frustrations in the present world and construct a mental image of a world fashioned in such a way that their weaknesses would not be liabilities, their aspirations would not be foiled by circumstance or their opinions otherwise challenged. In other words, the personal utopias we imagine are often manifestations of our desire to escape magically from our own limitations, rather than take up the heavy labor of individual effort to expand our consciousness and station in life.

Yet, attempting to impose our views on others to fix what is actually wrong with us is not utopia, instead it is dystopia.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

150 - Torkom's Autobiography

By Connie Kadansky, student of Ageless Wisdom Teachings

I have been studying Torkom's books for 13 years.  After re-reading Joy & Healing was particularly moved by the story about Torkom's father handling a dire circumstance as a "great challenge to prove to his Lord that he could begin his service again."

I wanted to see a photograph of Torkom's father and asked Gita if she had a picture of her grandfather.  She shared that there were photographs in Autobiography: Torkom Saraydarian

When presented with this thick book, I asked myself "do I have time to read this book?"  After reading the first few pages, it is clear that wisdom is infused on every page.

Am only on page 66 and these are the top three learnings thus far:

1.  Silence is vitally important when we are around people who are suffering. "People heal more quickly when those around them are silent."

2.  Do not sympathize with people who are suffering through words.  It does not help them.  "Our sympathies deprive them of an opportunity to be strong."

3. When we have a real problem to solve, or are feeling hurt or depressed or defeated in any way by the things that happen in life, in solitude we will find real strength that comes from within.  Our minds become clear. Our heart becomes courageous. We will see events more objectively from the point of view of eternity.

My heart is full of gratitude for Torkom's dedication to Ageless Wisdom Teachings.  Highly recommend this book.  If you have read it, please share your comments on this blog. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

149 - Meditation on God

By Gita Saraydarian

“In this age we must expand our understanding of the word God.” *

I meditated on God and my universe expanded. My heart became more peaceful; my mind serene.

There is no human being on earth who does not ever ask about God.

God is unfathomable; yet we try. So why ponder on the imponderable?

Because we get parochial otherwise; we want only our “God” to be the one. This creates separatism and shrinks our mind, our world. We do not see other possibilities and views. Our consciousness shrinks. A shrinking consciousness then identifies a turf — then works to protect it — creating ideologies to buttress the view, and then takes action preemptively. Slowly our soul shrinks and we create a space for evil to take root. When the soul shrinks further, we lose our divine connection; evil has free play. Evil does not just come and sit inside of us; we invite it by commission or omission. Then we identify us vs. them; we then make “them” less than us, less human. We see the world as limited.  Less than “us” therefore creates a philosophy of not deserving the privileges and opportunities that we feel we have a right to have. This fractures our inherent moral fiber and we disconnect further from our soul. Then evil takes root ever more deeply and eventually the soul is kicked out; the elementals are in charge. We blame others, the "them” for all our troubles.  It is a predictable death march after that; it will end in death because evil cannot triumph for long; the elementals will return to earth. Evil goes down and takes its body with it. But it is always ready to reactivate itself. Until we “seal the door where evil dwells” it will wait for opportunities to rise up.  We certainly provide many such opportunities.

Have you pondered on the meaning of God?

What are our “Gods”?  Our religious definitions and exclusive identities and

Friday, June 17, 2016

148 - The Rhythm of Prayer and Meditation

Here are three links to some beautiful and inspiring clips from Torkom Saraydarian’s lectures.

The first one is a recitation of the Mantram of Unification. This mantram expresses the need for love, unity and not hate and separatism. It is a powerful mantram to say any time we feel the need for healing and unity. (Link #1: : )

The second one is a recitation of the Great Invocation. It invokes divine light, divine love, and divine power to help humanity seal the door where evil dwell. Where does evil dwell? In our hearts when we are full of hatred, separatism, and when we use religious/spiritual/cultural ideals to rise and have more at the expense of others. (Link #2: )

The third one is a very deep and healing meditation and visualization using the Great Invocation. Listen to the selection and let Torkom guide your meditation. Spread these ideas of love and light and divine will into the thought currents of humanity. (Link #3: )

I hope you enjoy these selections and I hope that these powerful sounds and rhythms help humanity bring the higher rhythm into our daily lives, conversations, and thoughts. As we sort through the crises that are befalling all of us now, sometimes the best approach is to take a few minutes to link to our inner soul, the spirit in us, recognizing the spirit in each human being, and simply affirming this unity. The chaotic forces will then have no power over our lives.

Gita Saraydarian

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSGFoundation, home of all of Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works.

Monday, June 6, 2016

147 - Living In Harmony

I took a hike in the forest and after a while decided to take a brief rest. I found a fallen pine tree by the side of the stream, and decided that was a good place to sit and take a drink of water and to drink in the beauty. I breathed in the earthy aroma of the forest, spiced with pine and spruce and reached for my canteen.
I took a drink and noticed a rock lying on the sand, worn smooth by years of being subjected to the currents. The mid-summer water level was a few feet lower than the crest of the spring runoff, and now the rock sat exposed on the warm sand. As I concentrated on the rock, I noticed its grey and white coloration, punctuated by the occasional sparkle of blue, green, yellow and red. As I moved my head, tiny quartz crystals embedded in the rock served as microscopic prisms that captured a tiny bit of light and sent back a different color back to me.

As I concentrated, I began wondering – where did this rock come from? How did it get here? Who made it? What chain of events and consequences brought it to this place where it would come under my gaze? Why in the world and how did I come upon this rock right here, and find it worthy of my focus? Working backwards from what brought the rock and me together was a mystery worth solving, and is a journey that covers perhaps four billion years.
With the rushing current playing its symphony to its audience of regal trees and forest creatures, my thoughts became one with the scenery and felt great joy. I forgot about myself and began to think about where the rock and I would go from here, not right now, but in the future. In another eight billion years will I be in the same place looking at different rock just like this one, only this time, the rock is human and I am a planet? I am laughing at myself now!

Taking the time to observe, listen and think of my place in the grand Cosmos developed a sense of unity, if only for a brief moment, but in that moment, I experienced harmony.
I smiled at my new friend and continued down the trail with a greater sense of appreciation, gratitude and humility. Someday, I suspect the rock and I will meet again.

By J. V. Constas, Student of Ageless Wisdom Teachings
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