Friday, February 26, 2010

6 - Building Your Psychic Immune System: Part 1 “The Fiery Net”

By Torkom Saraydarian
On the Path to the Fiery World, one must protect himself with a fiery net. The protective net is woven by very subtle energies with which the human soul can come in contact. The fire of the heart is the weaver. Those whose higher centers are not unfolded, or those who are obsessed, do not have a protective net. On the Path to the Fiery World one needs to weave his protective net.

The enemies of an advanced disciple are more numerous in the Subtle Worlds than on earth, and these enemies have even more opportunities to wound the vehicles of the disciple. But when he weaves his protective net, he can repel the darts of the enemies. We are told that each blow upon the protective net is returned to the sender with a more intensified tension.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 - Why Do I Write?

By Torkom Saraydarian

As far as I can, my intention is:

- To create a love toward beauty
- To deepen the sense of righteousness
- To increase goodwill
- To inspire with the vision of right human relations
- To create courage
- To annihilate violence, crime, and exploitation
- To challenge to creative actions
- To invite people to purify their motives and work for the common good
- To inspire in them a love for all living forms
- To open in them the sense of direction, universality, and synthesis
- To inspire them to develop the spirit of cooperation with the vision of the great Avatars
- To inspire them to strive toward enlightenment, knowledge, and beingness
- To inspire people to bloom with the flowers of virtues and with the fragrance of nobility and kindness
- To inspire people to unite and form a universal brotherhood in which there is freedom from fear, from want, and freedom of religion and speech
- To inspire man to see those who stand as obstacles on the path of progress of humanity, those whose motives originate from separatism, totalitarianism, and materialism

4 - Five Types of Ageless Wisdom Students

By Torkom Saraydarian

There are five types of students:

1.Those who are full of mental inertia and need to be pushed regularly to move onward
2.Those who try hard but do not make progress
3.Those who learn but complain
4.Those who hear all but do not change
5.Those who systematically improve with feelings of gratitude

These five types need five different approaches. When your class is composed of various types, you must be a genius to talk to and help all the various types. Those who have mental inertia must be kindled. Those who try but do not make progress have hindrances, and these hindrances must be removed. Those who complain will not be able to apply knowledge in their lives. They must learn that complaint creates in them rejection toward application of the knowledge they received.

3 - Characteristics of a Real Teacher of Wisdom

By Torkom Saraydarian

There are a few major characteristics of a real Teacher. He gives great value to simplicity, joy, love, enthusiasm, and beingness. His expressions are clear and simple and arranged according to the level of the student. He also expects simplicity and clarity from his students as far as their thoughts, words, and expressions are concerned.

A real Teacher creates an atmosphere of joy and love in which the assimilation of knowledge becomes possible. He is always enthused with his task and the subject he is teaching. This enables the student to absorb the Teaching. He always emphasizes the application of the Teaching through which transformation of the personality and the formation of a new beingness become possible.

2 - Ageless Wisdom: Right Teachers and Wrong Teachers

By Torkom Saraydarian

One can read many books and hear many Teachers and remain as he is. But one day he suddenly understands a few words, for a few minutes. This is called “the touch of psychic energy.” Whenever psychic energy touches, light is produced. It is through applying this light that the student must make himself ready. Then he must surrender himself to a Teacher in humility and with the awareness that he is empty.

Many vessels are full of everything, and great Teachers wait to see if one is ready to empty his vessel to be filled with true knowledge.

Again one may ask, “What if one goes to a wrong teacher, to one who exploits and uses him?”

1 - How We Learn The Wisdom Teachings

By Torkom Saraydarian

If a student wants to learn, he must make himself ready to learn. Before he learns, there are lots of things he should do. He must:

1. Clean his body
2. Get rid of his negative way of feeling
3. Exercise control over his mouth
4. Make his mind disciplined and clear

After these things are achieved, one can impart higher knowledge to him. Before this he will either distort any higher knowledge and use it for self-interest, which means against his true progress, or he will not be able to receive any higher knowledge although he will think he is receiving it. In the latter case, the “higher knowledge” will give him deep disappointment during the time of real need or test.