Friday, April 23, 2010

15 - Expand Your Consciousness to the Higher Worlds

By Torkom Saraydarian
It is important to have an expanding consciousness before we enter into the Subtle World. It is only through an expanding consciousness that we can enrich our life in the Subtle World and assimilate the gifts of new conditions.

One of the ways to expand our consciousness here on earth is to create a certain tension in our life and establish communication with a consciousness that is far more advanced than ours. Tension increases our mental receptivity. Communicating with a higher consciousness awakens in us the buried seeds of treasures accumulated throughout ages. Generally, these seeds turn into spiritual urges in the subtle planes and propel us to higher achievements.

After such an expansion, whenever we enter into the Subtle Worlds, through sleep or meditation, we expose ourselves to a greater light and to very unusual conditions. These things strongly affect our consciousness, and when we return to our earthly habitat, we immediately notice an expansion of consciousness which remains strong for a few minutes or hours, then fades away.

Such periods of expansion of consciousness are very valuable because they provide new possibilities, new viewpoints, new measures, and new visions.