Friday, June 25, 2010

23 - Creativity and Persistence

 “Torkom's writings are a beautiful, colorful tapestry, the warp and weft of the threads being a blend of moral teachings, esoteric knowledge, personal stories given as illustrations and instructions on how to apply them in our lives.  This beautiful tapestry forms a picture of the road to our own divinity.

 “Our consistent moods, whether positive or negative, over time form our character.  Torkom teaches us that we don't have to be slaves to our negative moods or to feel like helpless victims in the face of our depressive moods. By applying his instructions given in this brief excerpt, we can master our moods, thereby our circumstances, instead of them mastering us.  This is how we can take control of our destiny. He states that creativity requires five elements, one of which is persistence. I love this excerpt and wanted to share it with all our readers. It has helped me stay focused on my creative efforts, despite the challenges that creative persons face every day!” (Melissa Lundberg, an artist and a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, lives and works in Sweden)

Friday, June 18, 2010

22 – Father’s Day — Remembering and Forgiving

By Torkom Saraydarian

On Father’s Day I like to direct your attention to the Father who is the Father of us all. There is a very healing and very deep meaning in it that sometimes we realize we are the sons and daughters of One Father. Many, many problems on the earth and even in our families and nations come from forgetting that we are the sons and daughters of One Father. That gives a linkage, that brings you together, ties you together to a common Source, and that common Source slowly influences and strengthens you and the ties between you. When Jesus gave the Lord’s Prayer, He was really giving a psychological, healing formula for humanity that sometimes they really direct their attention, their aspiration to the common Source from which we originated.

[The next thing is that] ... we are going to dare and try to overcome many difficulties on the way of this memory of our fathers. All of you have fathers. Most of them are dead although some are alive. It does not matter. You carry in your genes your father. You carry the blood of your father beating in you and it is very interesting. It is not only the blood, the genes. You carry their emotional atoms, their mental atoms, their spiritual seeds whether they were germinated or they were dead. You carry them in your blood. On this day send a goodwill gesture to your father and if your father was nasty and you had lots of wounds from your father, give a total forgiveness or a total gratitude to your father so that you break the link of the wound that is created within you. It is a very healing process. Bless his soul.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

21 - Unlimited Power to Transform Yourself

Dear Readers:

Below is an article written by Torkom Saraydarian, first published in the Group Newsletter “The Aquarius” in January 1983. It is as inspiring today as it was then. At the end of the article, he asks readers to do their part in order to help distribute the Teaching in ever expanding areas around the world.

Torkom was unabashed and unapologetic about the true Teaching. He believed in its transformative power, and never lost an opportunity to spread the work and to be an embodiment of the Teaching. We reprint this simple, yet powerful message for your upliftment and empowerment.

Torkom began his service to others as a young man. His quest was to find the source of light and to distribute that same light to others. We continue the work that he began through our efforts at TSG Foundation. Our commitment is to present to you the pure and clear Teaching. Our intention is to spread the spirit of the Living Christ, the hidden glory in each human being. We promise to emphasize Beauty, Goodness, Truth, and Spiritual Joy. We will carry out this mission with our focus on service, health, and harmony.

This article will become part of Torkom's autobiography which, with your support, TSG will publish in the coming year.

We too ask our readers to find new readers for our published materials. Try to increase the number of those who benefit from our work. We can change life when we strive to transform and heal our individual life and then spread this healing energy throughout our life and our contacts.

We hope you enjoy this article.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

20 - Initiate Consciousness: Seeing – Hearing – Speaking

What is Initiate Consciousness?

by Torkom Saraydarian
The image of three monkeys holding their hands over their eyes, mouth, and ears commonly represent not seeing evil, not speaking evil, not hearing evil. Does this mean that we simply shut our eyes, mouth, and ears from life around us? There is something much more subtle about this little image than the act of shutting out. Here is what Torkom says about seeing, hearing, and speaking as a true disciple:

We are told that in still higher mysteries the Initiate develops his sight in such a way that though things are there, he does not see them. Though words are there, he does not hear them. Though ideas are in his mouth, he does not speak them. It is not easy to see things but not see, not hear, not speak, because in their level things exist not as they are but as what they symbolize. The essence is not seen when the form is seen. The essence is not heard when words are heard. Ideas are not spoken when words are spoken.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

19 - 5 - Safety Screening for Meditation

By Robert Constas, M.D.

The question was asked: What if I have been taking medications to treat depression or other mental health issues, how do I determine if I am ready for meditation?

Here is the final of the five part response given to this question:

5. What to consider for safety screening for meditation:

The name of the condition (diagnosis) is not the most important thing to consider when screening for safety for meditation. The major issues are:

  • How the condition affects the clarity and stability of consciousness.
  • How the condition affects the exercise of willpower.
  • How the condition affects the ability of the person to concentrate, remain objective, follow directions in the courses, and have a balanced approach to discipleship.
  • How the medication’s side effects affect consciousness.
  • What kind of meditation you are considering — not all meditation practices are the same, nor are they all suitable for everyone. Finding the right kind of meditation is important.
Even common antihistamines used for allergies or the common cold can make a person drowsy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

19 - 4 - Safety Screening for Meditation

By Robert Constas, M. D.

The question was asked: What if I have been taking medications to treat depression or other mental health issues, how do I determine if I am ready for meditation?

4. Only those people who have a stable personality should meditate:

Imbalance may appear as poor health, mental illness, lack of personality integration, lack of social development, lack of understanding of the spiritual path, or lack of commitment. Or, the person may feel that the effects of meditation are immediate and can be accomplished without any self-exertion. If these are present, meditation is not advisable until the problems are cleared and balance achieved. Some people believe that meditation can solve all their health problems, especially emotional and mental disorders. Most serious emotional/mental/psychiatric disorders often have an inherited, genetic basis. One danger is that the practitioner of meditation will fail to pursue appropriate medical treatment, whether psychological counseling or drug therapy.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

19 - 3 - Safety Screening for Meditation

By Robert Constas, M.D.

The question was asked: What if I have been taking medications to treat depression or other mental health issues, how do I determine if I am ready for meditation?

3. Preliminary self-examination prior to starting a meditation program:

Before beginning a program of meditation, the candidate should examine his/her nature and life to determine if it is safe for them to proceed. Here are a series of questions to help you evaluate your readiness to be involved in meditation: