Friday, July 30, 2010

29 - Meeting Your Obstacles at Future Crossroads

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 30.

Take the field of your service, the field of your business, the field of your family or social life and find those obstacles and hindrances that are preventing you from expanding, growing and flourishing. That is very important because as long as you are looking from behind many hindrances, problems and obstacles, they grow and then they run ahead of you and meet you at another crossroad on your path in the future.

If there is a little problem, an obstacle, a hindrance, or a misunderstanding, do not ignore it but try to solve it instead. If it remains unsolved, it will grow and become your tail. Success must make your physical and spiritual life beautiful, but it also must dissolve the problems that you have, the frictions that exist in your life. Unless you create an open space for yourself by solving your problems and obstacles, you cannot fly, you cannot proceed in your success, because every problem left unsolved will grow and create difficulties for your future advancements.

28 - Not-So-Obvious Factor For Success: Learn to Walk!

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 66.

A good walk is important.

I was in a firm where they were hiring women and men. The man from the firm asked me how I would evaluate the women. I said, “Look at how they are walking.” Two or three years later they told me they understood why the walk was so important.

Which woman are you hiring, the one who is walking like an elephant or a fox? If you pay attention, you will understand how they are walking and what that walking signifies about their character.

Learn how to walk.

I suggest that daily, for two or three minutes, you walk in front of a mirror very beautifully, rhythmically, harmoniously, and do the best you think you can do. Then watch how some people are walking and try to think which one would you hire if you wanted someone to work for you or be your friend. It does not matter whether you are heavy or lean. It is the tempo of your walking, the way you are moving.

Walking expresses all your psychology!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

27 - Not-So-Obvious Factor For Success: Indifference to Flattery

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 102.

Be indifferent toward those who praise you or flatter you or blame you. These are often signals of bad intention. If people praise you, be very careful. If they scold you, be very careful because maybe it is a test to reveal what you are. Be indifferent toward the praise and the blame and take them professionally. If they are saying that you are just wonderful because you can type one hundred pages in an hour, you know that is flattery. You know it. If they say that you are the worst human being, do not accept it because you are not. Stay in your clear thinking, demonstrating indifference toward praise and blame.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

26 - Not-So-Obvious Factor For Success: It is Not About Money!

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 97.

I was traveling from New York to Los Angeles and a man asked me, “What are you going to do in California?”

I said, “I am going to write books.”

“Oh, he said, “you do not even know English. You cannot write books.”

I said, “My English is not so good, but I have great ideas. Eventually, ideas will help build my language and maybe I will be able to talk better than I do now, but I am going to write books.”

“Books do not bring money to you” he insisted.

I said, “I am not writing books to bring money. I am writing to tell people something that I fee will benefit them.”

He said, “That is stupid!”

Years passed and I became really successful. How was it that I became successful?... Because I did not do it to make money. I did it to help people. That is what I want to convey to you. When you are opening a store, a stationery store, a health food store, even a restaurant, your first thought will be, “I want lots of people to come and benefit from my labor.” The restaurants that really think about the health of people are the most successful restaurants. Those people who want to make only money cut corners and eventually lose their whole business.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

25 - Not-So-Obvious Factor For Success: Keep Your Personal Life Private!

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 98.

Do not discuss your personal life, your failures, your defeats with your co-workers or your boss. Be professional and impersonal. That brings great success to you. Immediately when the boss smiles at you, you reveal everything that you did in the past. “I had five hundred boyfriends.” “Really?” “I was sick with that illness.” “I divorced this way and that way.” What are you doing? You are revealing and exposing your obnoxiousness, your past faults, and you are not going to build a good image in the mind of your boss or leader. He is not asking you about your past obnoxiousness. Close your mouth and answer his professional questions. That is so important for your success.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

24 - Not-So-Obvious Factor For Success: Striving

From Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, p. 102.

Remember that not only does the environment affect your striving, but through your striving you also influence your environment. The powers that you must exercise are:

  • The power to not be influenced by the negative factors of your environment
  • The power to annihilate the negative factors in your environment and introduce pro-survival factors
You are equal to the creative influences that you exercise on your environment. Your spiritual influence upon people decides what you are.

Your influence can be recognized as destructive or constructive. Ego, vanity, superiority, and inferiority concepts must be destroyed. But group consciousness, humility, cooperation, and recognition of Inner Divinity must be cultivated and developed.