Tuesday, May 17, 2011

75 - Spiritual Awareness at Wesak – A New Window

When your awareness expands more and more, you see the Divine Will behind the causes. You can see also the direct or distorted effects of these causes. When you become aware of energies, aware of immortality, aware of the continuity of life, aware of joy, peace, love and beauty, you see that they were there all the time, but that now you have awakened and become aware of their existence, aware of the fact that they belong to your own greater nature, that they are parts of your nature. Thus, awareness leads to realization. Consciousness puts into expression this awareness upon the three worlds of human endeavor, through creative living, and as the consciousness expands, it does a better job in translating the content, the beauty and the richness of awareness.

Friday, May 13, 2011

74 - Spiritual Awareness at Wesak - Awaken to the Real

What is happening today is not a means to expand only our consciousness, but also to expand our awareness. We hear much about expanding our consciousness, but very little about expanding our awareness. Awareness is a matter of direct experience, of knowing through identification, of opening to the sunshine and becoming one with it. It is an awakening to the Real Life, to the function of that Great Life. It is experiencing both the form side of life and the formless side; experiencing the manifested side of life and the un-manifested side; the blueprint of this manifestation and the energy of this manifestation. Actually we are building a bridge between the objective and subjective worlds, between the world of cause and the world of effect.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

73 - Spiritual Awareness at Wesak – Where is Your Focus?

The registration, the assimilation and the radiation of these energies depend upon the condition of the centers in our etheric body. When a man is focused within the lower centers, below the diaphragm, these centers will be stimulated more, and become more active. If the higher centers are active they will receive more energy and will be more active. When the higher centers are more active, you are expanding yourself into greater relationships, into better communication, and because of this communication you have more power, more energy more enlightenment and more love.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

72 - Spiritual Awareness at Wesak – Observation

It is a great joy to us and to the Watching One, that people all over the world, individually or in group formation, are observing the Wesak Festival and building a channel to receive and pass to humanity the energy of spiritual will, love and enlightenment.

....This is the field which will be charged more and more by the presence of Christ, and through the blessings of the Great Lord Buddha; it will provide a chalice for cosmic energy, and a channel through which these energies can pass to the kingdoms of nature.