Wednesday, December 26, 2012

97 - Higher Principles & Serving Humanity

  Torkom Saraydarian believed that all of humanity is one. All men and women of goodwill, working in all fields of human endeavor, working in their own areas of passion and expertise, to uplift human beings and to heal and bring opportunities for a good life to everyone in the world. All of us deserve to have a life filled with beauty and goodness; we all want to live in a righteous world with legal rights and opportunities; we all want to live a life of joy and we all want freedom to be who we want to be. Also, we want to have opportunities that when we strive, we can improve our life and we can in turn serve and help others. We want to live in an open society and not have doors shut in our faces. In living such a life and working to bring these principles to others, we become self-forgetful, harmless, and always relate with others through right expressions. It is time that all men and women of goodwill take our life expressions to a new level and express these principles in everything that we do. Here is a brief, but powerful excerpt from one of Torkom's writings:

       All of the seven groups of the New Group of World Servers are charged with one major rhythm. Whatever they do, they do for synthesis.
       Thus, people everywhere will gradually arrange their physical actions, emotional reactions, mental creativity, and spiritual aspirations and intentions in such a way that each of them becomes a note in the great symphony, a rhythm in the great symphony, so that not a single distorted note or expression exists in that symphony or the Cosmos. Toward that great goal the members of the New Group of World Servers direct the aspiration of humanity…
       The new age will not appear on earth if the members of the New Group of World Servers and all men and women of goodwill do not face their responsibilities and free themselves from their glamors, illusions, and inertia.

The Teachings of Christ, Vol. 2, pp. 113-115.

***The Teachings of Christ is a series of four volumes on the deeper meaning of the work of Christ, including birth and Christmas, Resurrection, Parables and stories, and how to use the Teachings of Christ to transform your life.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

96 - The Army of Christ - New Group of World Servers

     Many thousands of people are celebrating this week, from December twenty-second to the twenty-ninth, the New Group of World Servers. What is the New Group of World Servers?
     This group is not a political group, nor is it a religious group. It does not belong to any religion, any party. It does not even have a name. The people who are in the New Group of World Servers do not even know that is their name. It is a very interesting group.
     How are we going to know these people? These people have no dogma, no doctrine, and they do not belong to any church, any party. They do not put labels on their forehead and say, “I am this, I am that.” We can know them by one thing: “By the fruits of them you will know.” What are their fruits? Their fruits are love, light, and beauty. If a man, or a woman, is working for light, to increase the light in the world, the light in his consciousness, in his family, in his group, in his nation, and in humanity, he is a member of the New Group of World Servers. When he is trying to increase the light with light, love, and beauty, these three things, he is a member of the New Group of World Servers. You can know them.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

95 – Shine Your Light

           It is very important that you develop an interest in the light. Study about light; exercise and practice with light. Eventually, you will see the effects of light when you start practicing with it. In any difficulty that is happening, visualize the light and let the light or the flame burn the difficulty and you will be successful, or you will gain power to conquer the difficulty. Sometimes difficulties are beneficial because it is only through them that we grow in strength. If everything in our lives was good, we would become jelly fish. It is very good that difficulties hit our shores. Through them we become stronger and stronger and use that strength to destroy higher obstacles.
            What is the symbol of light and what does it actually do? First let us consider what light is. Light is radiation of your Inner Core. One day you will have a surprising experience of walking in darkness and there will be light all around you. Most of the time the light comes through your eyes and hands. You walk your path by the light that is coming from yourself, from within you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

94 - Isolated Unity

         "Isolated Unity" is a state of consciousness in which you are aware of the One Self in all forms in the whole existence, but you are isolated in space and time due to your individual existence, the limit of your consciousness, and the quantity of your karma. These three elements isolate you naturally from being fused with the whole, but if you are advanced enough in your awareness, you feel one with all that exists.
            Isolated unity is a realm in existence, though not many people are aware of it. Such an awareness is a very important achievement as it pressures the person gradually to orchestrate all his thoughts, words, emotions, and actions to be in harmony with the awareness of unity.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

93 – Meditation Creates Seeing Eyes

Meditation raises the quality of our vibration, makes it more and more rhythmic, and reorients the circulation of our energies toward higher centers, toward higher dimensions, toward causal levels. That reorientation reverses the inclination
s or tendencies of our lower self toward matter and leads it instead toward the Self. Thus possessiveness and greed change into givingness and inclusiveness.
            This reversing process is the most critical time in our personality life. Unless through meditation and spiritual discipline we accomplish it, we face the conflict of two forces within us: the one that pulls us down to matter and to the world of results, and the one that wants us to be ourselves as a cause.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

92 - World Leaders Take Note!

 A world leader must stand against waste. The planet does not have unlimited resources, and, to provide the necessities to all human beings, the resources of Nature must not be wasted.

A world leader must see that the Law of Economy is observed everywhere. Working against this law are the examples of burning tons of grain or oil to keep the prices up, destroying forests for luxury and individual interests, waste of materials used in competition, over productivity when the need is not there. All these drain not only Nature, but they also create depression and the various ills of society,

Advertisements make people buy as if they were hypnotized. Accumulation of things without proper use is a waste.

People think that over productivity creates jobs. It does, but then years later it creates worse economic problems.

A world leader must see that nothing is wasted in the world but, instead, is used goal-fittingly.

Leadership Volume 3, p.253.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

91 - How to Overcome Vanity — If you can catch it!

      Vanity is a thought-form of the false image of ourselves, and we literally live, move, and have our being in this image. Our mental body is empty of ourselves, as we are somewhere else, or in something else.
       A vanity is a false image that we build about ourselves and then accept as ourselves. We operate in that false self. We think, speak, and act conditioned by that false self, and because we are identified with that false self, it is very difficult for us to know about the situation and detach ourselves from that false self.

Major vanities are:

Monday, October 29, 2012

90 - Torkom’s Birthday — Remembered

November 1st is Torkom's Birthday!

Celebrate Torkom’s birthday with us; share your thoughts on Torkom, his work, and his gifts to your growth and expansion.

In October 1982, Torkom traveled to Italy, Egypt, and South Africa. He kept a daily diary of his thoughts, observations and events. In the post below, we have reprinted a portion of the diary that he wrote on the day of his birthday. It is a charming and a deeply moving excerpt of the complexity of his observations, thinking and love that he shows to all whom he meets and serves as well as remembering those back home. Enjoy!
Monday, November 1st
Well, this is my birthday. People here are going to give a party. I was so happy to receive the telegram from the group Headquarters and a very beautiful letter from Sari.
Tomorrow I will give a Scorpio message in the Sufi Temple. We are hoping we will have more people.
A few hours ago a psychiatrist and his wife came to see me. He wanted to know what I think about the Self. I talked to him about the book, The Science of Becoming Oneself. I told him that I am preparing a new book on the Self and explained to him two ways of approaching the Self.
One way is through expressing and living in Beauty, Goodness, and Truth, which actualize the Self. The other method is the conscious detachment from the not-self. This is an in-going process. The first one is an outgoing process.
His wife spoke about her intention to build a school of the new age and asked my opinion. I promised to send her papers that we are in the process of preparing for our future university.
The difficulties, obstacles, and traps are everywhere on the planet, and the sons of Light must struggle to make a breakthrough.
It seems to me that the self-seeking force, whatever it is, is very clever, and it has a universal grip on human affairs. That is not scary but highly challenging to the spirit of man.
I had a very beautiful birthday party. There were sixty people in a very beautiful room, various cakes, and the birthday cake with a round candle, lots of roses, and Protea flowers.
Joan’s husband, Gerald, gave a talk about me, and then I lit the candle and cut the cake while they were singing Happy Birthday.  In one second I was in Agoura [California] with all my beloved ones, and I felt very happy.
People brought so many gifts, among which there was a new camera, which for a long time I wanted to have. Sandra and Joan gave it to me. A little girl, Sandra’s daughter, wrote me a poem. It is so beautiful that I am going to put it here:

Friday, October 19, 2012

89: Communication is Fusion

By: Torkom Saraydarian

Communication is not necessarily a conversation, physical relationship, or being at a party, or even being married. Communication is a moment in which you fuse with someone and understand him, and make him understand you. There is a moment when you see his viewpoint and he sees yours, and you both see the common de­nominator in them.

Have you ever had such communication? If not, use your creative imagination and create one.

Exercise on communication:

Find moments in your life in which you had communication with people. You will see that most of our tensions, disappointments, sorrows, pain, and anxiety are the result of a break in our communication.

The moment you begin to communicate you find treasures in your nature and release them as sources of energy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

88: On Torkom, Part 3 by Gita Saraydarian

Note from Gita: Here is part 3 of my comments on Torkom, expanded from an earlier interview in Zurich. We have placed some sections on my blog and other sections pertaining to Torkom here. Read part 1 or part 2...

Charlotte: Has your father built the TSG you are directing now?

Gita: No, actually, he inspired it and I built it. He formed a group called Aquarian Educational Group in the 1960’s. But after he died in 1997 it slowly stopped functioning. So TSG then took up the pace and continued. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

87: On Torkom, Part 2 by Gita Saraydarian

Note from Gita: Here is part 2 of my comments on Torkom, expanded from an earlier interview in Zurich. We have placed some sections on my blog and other sections pertaining to Torkom here. Read part 1 here.

Charlotte: How came that now you are Torkom’s successor?
Gita: It was interesting how it worked out. I was always “Daddy’s girl” as they say in America, and my earliest memory of my Dad is sitting on his lap when he meditated. I remember him sitting in the lotus position outside in the garden. It was not a garden in the Western sense, but a patch of a flower garden that grew on the side of our house. We also had tin-pots of flowers and plants spread around the front porch. I am not sure what I thought about at those times and how still I sat in his lap as he meditated. But seeing Dad (and Mom too) meditating in deep, silent thought did leave an impression of the serious side of life. These times still remind me of deep issues in life that I had no idea about at the time. He always concerned himself with deep issues, so I found I was attracted to what he read, said, did.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

86: On Torkom, Part 1 by Gita Saraydarian

Note from Gita: I was interviewed by Charlotte van Stuijvenberg, director of the editorial team of the LICHTWELLE magazine in Zurich, October 2011.  The interview was published in German in the August 2012 issue of the magazine. Charlotte's questions reminded me how often I have been asked these very same questions and consequently inspired me to think of my life and my philosophy a little more deeply. I decided to elaborate on my original answers and share them with you in English in an expanded version. We have placed some sections on my blog and other sections pertaining to Torkom here. 

Charlotte: How would you describe your father, Torkom Saraydarian, by whom you have been taught?

Gita: You know, as a girl I never saw him as a teacher – he was just my Dad. He was a very strict and disciplined man with us children – we are 5 children – and with himself. And that is the first thing I realize when I think back about my father: Whatever he asked us to do, he did so himself. He never made himself out to be a Guru, or a perfect person, but was very humble, acknowledging his talents and his faults. So there was a lot of integrity in his life. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

85 - It’s My Life: Meeting with Torkom’s Writings

By a student

Well....well.....I have at least 1000 times thought to write about him.
Thoughts like, "I don't have that much honor"
"He is a legend"
"I don't know about him much"
"Whatever I tell might be less about his greatness." stopped me doing so.

It all started around 3 years back when my Mentor mentioned his name, declaring "Read Torkom" to a group of people.

Let me give a try, I thought.

For the next few months I searched many places hoping to lay hands on his books, but found none.

Frustrated, I left it.

Then, out of magic, I found one of his books, "Obsession and Possession". Few pages into it and I fell in love with him.

Soon I found that my mentor has a collection of Torkom's books. So it began; my journeys to his house just to borrow Torkom's books.

Every book impacted me, touched my heart, spoke to my soul.

Every time I would think..."How can someone write like this"

He is not a person who lived in BC, but a man of 20th century, who lived the life he inspires everyone to live.

He inspired me to dream big, to dream impossible. He inspired me to conceive an idea. An idea that made me sleepless, that put so much pressure on me....I always wished I never got that idea, that particular dream.

Many a times I wanted to write a detailed post about him, but backed off thinking that it would take days or even weeks to make him fully understandable.

That’s what I love about him, his achievements are so heavenly and yet he declares himself as a normal human being.

Then why am I writing this now?

Because, the most awaited book of my life came out...