Monday, April 9, 2012

85 - It’s My Life: Meeting with Torkom’s Writings

By a student

Well....well.....I have at least 1000 times thought to write about him.
Thoughts like, "I don't have that much honor"
"He is a legend"
"I don't know about him much"
"Whatever I tell might be less about his greatness." stopped me doing so.

It all started around 3 years back when my Mentor mentioned his name, declaring "Read Torkom" to a group of people.

Let me give a try, I thought.

For the next few months I searched many places hoping to lay hands on his books, but found none.

Frustrated, I left it.

Then, out of magic, I found one of his books, "Obsession and Possession". Few pages into it and I fell in love with him.

Soon I found that my mentor has a collection of Torkom's books. So it began; my journeys to his house just to borrow Torkom's books.

Every book impacted me, touched my heart, spoke to my soul.

Every time I would think..."How can someone write like this"

He is not a person who lived in BC, but a man of 20th century, who lived the life he inspires everyone to live.

He inspired me to dream big, to dream impossible. He inspired me to conceive an idea. An idea that made me sleepless, that put so much pressure on me....I always wished I never got that idea, that particular dream.

Many a times I wanted to write a detailed post about him, but backed off thinking that it would take days or even weeks to make him fully understandable.

That’s what I love about him, his achievements are so heavenly and yet he declares himself as a normal human being.

Then why am I writing this now?

Because, the most awaited book of my life came out...