Tuesday, November 27, 2012

92 - World Leaders Take Note!

 A world leader must stand against waste. The planet does not have unlimited resources, and, to provide the necessities to all human beings, the resources of Nature must not be wasted.

A world leader must see that the Law of Economy is observed everywhere. Working against this law are the examples of burning tons of grain or oil to keep the prices up, destroying forests for luxury and individual interests, waste of materials used in competition, over productivity when the need is not there. All these drain not only Nature, but they also create depression and the various ills of society,

Advertisements make people buy as if they were hypnotized. Accumulation of things without proper use is a waste.

People think that over productivity creates jobs. It does, but then years later it creates worse economic problems.

A world leader must see that nothing is wasted in the world but, instead, is used goal-fittingly.

Leadership Volume 3, p.253.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

91 - How to Overcome Vanity — If you can catch it!

      Vanity is a thought-form of the false image of ourselves, and we literally live, move, and have our being in this image. Our mental body is empty of ourselves, as we are somewhere else, or in something else.
       A vanity is a false image that we build about ourselves and then accept as ourselves. We operate in that false self. We think, speak, and act conditioned by that false self, and because we are identified with that false self, it is very difficult for us to know about the situation and detach ourselves from that false self.

Major vanities are: