Thursday, January 10, 2013

100 - Our Thoughts Are With You

A great Sage said, “Our thoughts are with you.”
Thought travels faster than light. If we learn how to think, how to build our thoughtforms, how to direct them to certain persons, we can be a great help to many people we know and to many others we do not know.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

99 - Transitions & Advice to Disciples

In commemoration of Torkom's transition on January 5, 1997 we offer you a moving excerpt from his Autobiography on the meaning of transitions and his best guidance and advice for our continuing work. We hope you enjoy it. 

The future of the group has many dimensions: physical — building; emotional — cooperative effort and harmless relationship; mental — right thinking as a group and actualization of the group’s vision; and spiritual — a breakthrough to higher dimensions as a group so that you develop continuity of consciousness and awareness of the Other Worlds, which sooner or later will greet you.
Do not fear transitions. It is pleasant, but beware of hypocrisy so that you enjoy your stay in the Other Worlds.
Seek people around you who are intelligent, and who have not fallen into low psychic activities. With a little enlightenment, intelligent people can be your co-workers.
Spread the books as far as you can, and feel honored in doing it. We have thousands of letters that say my books brought sunshine in people’s life. Give this sunshine to others with a little sacrifice.…

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

98 - The Human Spirit is Always Victorious

We share with you a most powerful and hope-filled excerpt from Torkom's writings that happens to be one of our favorites. Despite all the bad news filling our life every day, there is another loving power behind the scenes. Fill your hearts with love and optimism and read this excerpt out loud, especially when the problems of the world seem insurmountable. Enjoy and spread the words of joy with your family and friends!

The Legend of Shamballa
By Torkom Saraydarian

This life, my friend,
is not a product
of blind forces.
“Nothing happens by accident.”
Great Engineers
are watching
the labor of humanity;
greater days of joy,
of health,
of prosperity
are on the way.
Do not have faith
in prophesies which tell you
the end of the world is near,
that tell you about
the hopelessness
of all good works, or all endeavor
to bring peace, to spread goodwill,
that tell you about
the savagery of the human being.
Do not have faith in them;
they are the prophets of darkness.
Human Spirit
is always victorious.
Always it will be.
Humanity is
a flowering bush,
an opening lotus,
a rising star.
Our destiny
is in our hands,
under the watchful eyes
of the Captain of Shamballa.
Spread the news of joy,
spread the ideas of One Humanity,
spread the ideas of
brotherhood of angels and men!
“The sons of men are one;
I am one with them…
Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate;
outer cleavages be gone!”
Sing this song
through your thoughts,
through your writings,
through your feelings,
actions and relations….
Let people hear you.
Tell them
that Christ is on His way.
Tell them
the dawn is just
minutes away.
Give them joy,
as only in joy
is the vision
and the labor
carried on….

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