Thursday, June 27, 2013

116 - Spirit Always Wins!

     Thus we have two kinds of people: those who are open to the spirit, and those who are shut off from the spirit. And the actions of the closed people cause opposition in those who are open. So we have materialization, limitation, conflict.

     Evolutionary people press forward to reach spiritual heights consciously and with the treasures of their experience.

     Involutionary people try to stop evolution and remain in matter, in material values, and use all their intellect to perpetuate a material life.

     Material form, by nature, does not last long. It cracks and disintegrates, causing pain and suffering. The life leaves the form when it disintegrates and the spirit builds another form to continue his pursuit on the line of matter. He repeats this thousands of times, continuing to suffer by limitation and matter. Sometimes he awakens. Sometimes he does not. So his suffering continues, causing also suffering to all those who are associated with him and those who are on the evolutionary path. 

     The evolutionary process works to create those forms that fit the perfect rhythm of spirit, and allow the potentials of spirit to manifest through form.

     This is a continual process. The spirit tries to eliminate limitation on all levels, causing matter to adjust itself to the finer radiation of spirit.

     Matter for a while rejects such a pressure and continues to remain in the same form.

     Gradually, spirit gains experience that he is not the material form, that he can survive forms. For him to leave form and assume a better form does not mean suffering but joy. *

This Blog is excerpted from: Consciousness, Vol. 1 pp. 105-106 by Torkom Saraydarian. 

Be an agent for change: commit to reading one page daily of the Consciousness books and send your thoughts out on the wings of angels and devas. Read Gita's comments in the June 20, 2013 blog.

- Volumes 2 and 3 of Consciousness will be released in the Summer of 2013. Contact us for details.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

115 - Be an Agent to Change Consciousness

Be an Agent for Change: TSG Service Activity

A memo from Gita Saraydarian

Often we wonder how humanity can change its consciousness and how human beings can find peaceful and constructive ways to govern themselves and to nurture human growth and development.

Our latest series of books help us do exactly that: uplift, change, evolve our consciousness to a whole new level. The first of the series is now released and is called Consciousness Volume 1: Evolution of Consciousness. You can start to read this book and use it in a new and constructive way by broadcasting your readings daily. Commit to reading one page at a time and see how it affects your life. Here is how:
  • Set aside ten minutes every morning.
  • Sit comfortably with a relaxed attitude.
  • Visualize angels and devas listening to you and surrounding you.
  • Read one page (you may go over to the next page to finish the sentence or paragraph) starting with the first page of Chapter 1. You will be reading in sequence. Limit to one page so that you remain fully conscious of the contents of each page.
  • Close your eyes, and think about what you just read and try to explain it in your mind and remember the key points mentally.
  • As you are thinking, send your beautiful thoughts to the angels and devas around you and let them broadcast these thoughts to the world wherever it is needed.
  • Finish with any prayer or mantram of your choice.
  • Now you are part of this program of service. 

No one is powerless to make a difference in the world; together, we can send creative and beautiful thoughts into space every day. Anyone can do this regardless of abilities, age, state of health, or time.

A group of us started this program just a month ago and the inner changes in each person is amazing. You too can join this potent group right now with your daily 10 minute service of reading and broadcasting.

Start with Volume 1, and when finished, move to the next volume until you have completed all three. Here are the three titles:

  • Consciousness Volume 1: Evolution of Consciousness
  • Consciousness Volume 2: Adventures in Consciousness
  • Consciousness Volume 3: Group Consciousness & the Destiny of Humanity

Be a part of the TSG Broadcaster Group. Commit to a daily reading of one page of Consciousness and be of conscious service to humanity.

Stay in touch with us. Let us know if you are participating and how it is going. You may post your ideas and updates on this blog at any time.

Spread the word; share this blog with everyone. There are no limitations. Anyone can do it!

Thanks for your service and dedication.


- Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation and TSG Spiritual University. 

- Consciousness Volume 1 is available exclusively from TSG Foundation.

TSG Broadcaster Group is one of several free service activities of TSG Foundation. Our work continues due to the continuous dedication of our supporters. If you wish to contribute to our group efforts, please contact us or go to our donation page online.

- See Wisdom of the Zodiac on YouTube with Gita Saraydarian for monthly summary and meditation.