Sunday, September 20, 2015

139 - What is Love?

Posting and Painting by Santana Star.
Painting of Beach Path Napilli, Maui, Hawaii (acrylic on canvas).

Love is Life; Love is the song of the Absolute, and all manifestation is a harp through which he is playing his music expressing His Love. Therefore the supreme duty of every creature is to Love. Each time we truly Love, we express that Divine Current, that Divine Song.”  Science of Becoming Oneself , pp. 164-165 by Torkom Saraydarian

What is my understanding of Love?

All creatures are made of love or created with love energy. Love energy is the energy that permeates the entire creation and all universes. We live, move, breathe and have our being in this ocean of love, which could be thought of as an ocean of divine fire or God, the Creator of Worlds. God the creator is love. All of life lives, breathes and has its being in this ocean of love, that is God.

Monday, September 14, 2015

138 - Thoughts on Usefulness

by Julie Shackley, student of TSG Spiritual University

On page 176 of the book, Initiation, Torkom Saraydarian writes, "In each initiation, one must prove his usefulness in the world."

We are measured by our usefulness.  This measurement is applied to everything we do - in our families, at our workplace, in our social and everyday settings, and within our spiritual Groups.  It is our usefulness that brings the value, the meaning, and the readiness to our service.  Our usefulness is also directly related to how many people we are able to touch, inspire, uplift and help.  We can be around people all day long, but if we are not leading with the heart, then we are not useful to promoting the purpose of life. 

What is usefulness?  I looked at usefulness in terms of how we use energy, efficiency, discrimination, discernment, and attention.