Monday, December 21, 2015

141 - Christmas Eve is a Night To Make Strong Decisions

In the book Teachings of Christ, Vol. 1, Chapter 17  by Torkom Saraydarian, we read that "the real Christmas Eve is the night in which you make strong decisions.  You turn in your path, sometimes 180 degrees.  You reverse your gear, you start thinking of your future -- not your future here on earth but all the eternities that you are going to live."

What did you do this last 365 days?  This is the time to contemplate "Why am I here?"  Torkom writes about the three disciplines that are important to consider in making strong decisions:

The first discipline is I Renounce.  What are you willing to renounce?  Impatience? Vanities? Separatism? Gossip?

The second discipline is Purification.  How might you purify your motives?  Your physical body?  Your physical house?  Your emotional house?

The third discipline is to make Contact with Christ.  In making contact with Christ in one second He will purify all your motives.  Inspiration will flow.  Ideas and visions open continuously.  You will be charged with radioactive energy and magnetism.  You will only think, say, buy and relate to what is essential.  How beautiful!

In the beautiful book Christ, the Avatar of Sacrificial Love  pp. 249-253 you will find a meditation for contacting the Christ. If you do not have the book, sit down for a 10 minute quiet period and meditate on what it means to renounce, purify, and what it may mean to you to contact the Christ. What would you say to Christ if you came into contact with Him?

The energy of Christ increases on Christmas Eve.  Where will you spend your Christmas Eve?  With whom?  Doing what?  You decide.

By, Connie Kadansky, student of Ageless Wisdom Teachings. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

140 - Sagittarian sign is called the sign of silence

Quoting from Symphony of Zodiac --

"The Sagittarian sign in olden times and in the mystery schools was called the sign of silence.  Three most important signs of silence are first the elimination of gossip.  We learn to gossip from our radios, televisions and movies.  Sagittarian says, 'No gossip!' because if there is gossip the goal is lost.  Speak something beautiful.  The goal can be found only in silence.  The second one is talking about yourself; this must be eliminated.  The third step of silence is not to cast your pearls, wisdom and ideas in front of those who are not ready to accept them, because they will step on them, and turn and devour you.

"These activities of speech must be guarded very carefully.  Sagittarians must especially lay strong emphasis on mental silence so that they do not even mentally express harmful speech.

"During the month of Sagittarius, we can exercise severe discipline of speech.  As we learn to keep silent and speak the right words at the right time to the right person, a sense of direction develops and what to do and where to go is seen more clearly."

Over the holiday season with family and friends is a good time to practice beautiful speech and refrain from harmful speech. 
From Symphony of Zodiac Torkom Saraydarian, p.239-240