Friday, January 22, 2016

143 - The Mystery I am

By J. V. Constas

It is human nature to love mystery. People instinctively love to read mystery books and enjoy movies that lead them down a path of confusing plot twists, a series of seemingly chaotic, unrelated events peppered with exotic characters, contradictory relationships and engaging dialogue. At first, we see only the symptoms and outer events, and our preconceived notions and entrenched opinions often lead us astray. As the storyteller reveals the plot, however, and the true cause is revealed, we are rewarded with understanding. There is something inherently satisfying to this process, and why we all love a good story.
Appreciating a good mystery seems almost pre-programmed into human nature, and after reading more of Initiation, it is clear why that is the case. As I have come to learn, there is far more to my Self than previously anticipated! That I am conscious of perhaps only six percent of my true nature means there is much hidden behind the curtains of illusion, vanity, ego and habit. What lies behind the barriers in front of me is indeed mysterious.

Monday, January 11, 2016

142 - Joy Exercise that Releases the Diamonds Within Us

After listening Gita Saraydarian's lectures on Petrification and Transformation of the Aura, it became blatantly clear that the book Joy and Healing must be studied over and over again.  Gita said "when it gets too tattered to read, buy another one and start over!"

The first recommended exercise is to remember a joy that you experienced in the earliest part of your life.  Go back in your mind and try to find a moment of joy as early as possible. 

What is the "why" behind this exercise?  Page 29 in Joy and Healing it states that "every true experience of joy which was locked in our auras in the past can be released through exercises and the flow of joy energy can be used to uplift ourselves, to create integration, alignment and harmony and even to eliminate many disturbances in our natures."

I remember as a toddler on Sunday mornings, my Mom would get me all dressed up. I would walk out into our living room and my Dad would lovingly tell me how beautiful I was. I felt his love and admiration for my little being.  He was not the gushy type and the words were not what I remember. It was the authentic love he expressed that has given me confidence to this very day.  Oh what a joy to remember!

What are your early experiences of Joy? 

- Blog written by Connie Kadansky, student of Ageless Wisdom.
Joy and Healing by Torkom Saraydarian is available through TSG Foundation. Meditation courses using joy exercises are also available. Please contact TSG Foundation for more information.
- Gita Saraydarian gives classes and lectures on the Ageless Wisdom Teaching.