Tuesday, May 31, 2016

146 - Prayer for Healing

Let my recent lessons and learning’s help direct me

to being of greater service.

Let me rise above my fears and love all unconditionally.

Let the walls and blockages in my space fall away.

Let Light, Love, and Beauty be restored within me.

Let my thoughts be purified and focused on the Light

within myself and others.

Let Peace reign within the cells of my soul

and down through all the layers to the bottom.

Let my heart be a fountain of Joy.

Let my mind be a fountain of Love.

May I be led where I am honored and valued from Love and Light,

and may I return it tenfold.

Let Love, Light, and Beauty be what radiates, ripples,

and overflows out of me.

May I be restored to full connection with my True Self.

May I shine brightly in the darkness at all times,

to infinity and beyond.

May I be Healed!

May It Be So!

Prayer written by MyEsha S. Maheena, Student of Ageless Wisdom
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