Monday, August 15, 2016

151 - String of Attachment

By J. V. Constas

Attachment, even if it is to a “good” idea, can be destructive to our personal relationships and society as a whole.

Many thoughtful and principled people often imagine better worlds and societies, usually free of struggle, conflict and competition. These well-intentioned men and women look at their failings, disappointments and frustrations in the present world and construct a mental image of a world fashioned in such a way that their weaknesses would not be liabilities, their aspirations would not be foiled by circumstance or their opinions otherwise challenged. In other words, the personal utopias we imagine are often manifestations of our desire to escape magically from our own limitations, rather than take up the heavy labor of individual effort to expand our consciousness and station in life.

Yet, attempting to impose our views on others to fix what is actually wrong with us is not utopia, instead it is dystopia.